The Fun Guys Review by TSS

The Fun Guys Review

Online Dispensary Reviews – The Fun Guys


Criteria for Final Rating
  1. Transparency – Clearly explains their ordering/shipping process and how to contact them.
  2. Communication – How long they take to respond to emails.
  3. Website Navigation – Ease of use.
  4. Checkout Process – Ease of use.
  5. Website Security – The level of security on the website.
  6. Order Processing Time – How fast they process their orders.
  7. Packaging – Quality of packaging.
  8. Quality – Are products as described in its description and similar to its pictures.
  9. Pricing – Price compared to market with regards to its quality.
  10. Deals & Incentives – Deals and incentives available compared to competitors.

Ratings for transparency, website navigation, checkout process, website security, and packaging will be worth a maximum of 3 points each.

The remaining points will be worth up to 5 points adding up to a total of 40 points for the final rating.

Transparency – Pass 3/3

Their FAQs section is on their contact page with details on how to reach them as well. Their order/shipping process is described clearly and easy to understand.

Communication – Pass 5/5

Sent them an email at 7:00 pm. Got a reply at 2:00 pm the next day. Was not a robot. They pass.

*** When trying a new supplier, it is always a good idea to email them and see if you get a response. Most vendors will reply within 24 hours. Do not place an order until you speak to a real person (not an automated response).

If you don’t get a reply–DO NOT ORDER.

Website Navigation – Good 3/3

Website is responsive and easy to use. Finding what you want is simple.

Checkout Process – Pass 3/3

Checkout process was simple and fast. They accept email money transfers which is standard. They Pass.

Website Security – Pass 3/3

Website has standard SSL encryption. Pass.

Order Processing Time – Good 5/5

Ordered at noon. Got an automated email saying they processed my order about 2 hours later which was a surprise. They usually ship by the next business day so I probably got lucky.

Packaging – Pass 3/3

The packaging was proper and discrete. Nothing was damaged when the product was received. Pass.

Quality – Good 4/5

Ordered a half ounce of Psilocybe Cubensis Z whole mushrooms and also got 20 micro-dose capsules of the Psilocybe Cubensis.

Product was genuine and as described in their description and pictures. The potency of the z strain was very good.

The capsules were adequately sized for micro-dosing and packaged properly in bottles. The potency is about right for people using Psilocybin as an alternative treatment.

My tolerance is higher than most so it took me about 5 capsules to get a chill high. I recommend others take 2-3 capsules to achieve this. Taking 1 capsule will have very mild effects. The effects become more apparent with 2 capsules and up.

If you’re inexperienced, 5 capsules will probably send you to the moon so exercise caution. If you’re experienced, I would recommend getting whole mushrooms instead unless you are micro-dosing.

***It is recommend that you order what you are familiar with when you are trying a new supplier. This is to better compare the product with what you are used to.

Please exercise caution with dosing when testing a new supplier. This is extremely important and we can not stress this issue enough.

Pricing – Standard 3/5

Half ounce of Psilocybe Cubensis Z whole mushrooms was $150 which is about right this kind of strain. The 20 micro-dose capsules of the Psilocybe Cubensis was $69 which is about market.

Pricing to quality is standard with market which is OK. It passes.

The good thing is that most of their products are always on sale so it works out to be cheaper than market price. They also have a lot of promotions and incentives for additional discounts but I’ll get into that later on.

Deals/Incentives – Very Good 5/5

TFG actually has quite a lot going on here.

A lot of people don’t know but you can really milk these vendors.

Take some time and see what deals and incentives they have and you will be surprised at how much you can save.

For TFG, you get reward points for every order and new customers get 200 points which is $10 in store credit.

They got a 20% off discount right now as well which is another plus. I believe the coupon code is TFG. You can find it on their main page.

There’s free expedited shipping for orders over $200 which I know the guys ordering bulk will love.

Final Thoughts

Ordering from TFG was fast and simple. They have some really good deals and incentives. It’s on their front page so you don’t have to dig for them.

What puts them apart from the other vendors though is that they give back to the community. They have an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues and have a pretty comprehensive section for educational purposes.

Identifying mushrooms, harm reduction, and even links to other psychedelic communities. They have a lot of resources to help people find more information on psilocybin and other psychedelics in general.

If you’re new to Psilocybin mushrooms or just psychedelics in general, you should definitely take a look at their articles on harm reduction.

Final Rating – 4.6/5


When ordering from a new supplier, please be careful with your first dosage!

Start with micro-doses and commit to your dose for at least 2 hours!

You should only increase your dosage to what you are normally comfortable with only when you know that what you have is genuine Psilocybin mushrooms. This will also give you a better understanding of its potency and will allow better judgement in dosing.

I say this with every review but I can not stress this issue enough.

Whether you are ordering from a new supplier or even if its just a new batch from a supplier that you order regularly from, it doesn’t matter.

Please be extremely cautious with your first dosage!

Your safety is worth any inconvenience.

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