Proper Dosing and How to Avoid a Bad Trip on Magic Mushrooms

Proper Dosing and How to Avoid a Bad Trip on Magic Mushrooms
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Know What You are Getting into Before…

Magic Mushrooms have been gaining a lot of notoriety as of late. And well, I myself have seen some crazy bad trips as well so I can see where this is coming from.

With that said, Psilocybin is generally considered as one of the least harmful recreational drugs and have been proven in many cases to have beneficial effects for mental health.

I have never heard of anyone dying from an overdose of magic mushrooms. In addition, tolerance to Psilocybin is built very quickly so chances for abuse will be much harder.

But if you’re about to devour 5 grams of shrooms, you really should think about what you are getting yourselves into.

And well, that’s the problem.

I believe the underlying issue here is that people do not educate themselves before they jump the gun.

A lot of people don’t know that most of the complications and harmful effects can be reduced or even avoided completely with a few safety measures.

Basic information on harm reduction like what to do or what to anticipate when you experiment with Psilocybin will highly reduce chances of having a bad trip!

Which brings us to our main topic of the day…drum-roll please…!

TSS Tips on How to Avoid a Bad Trip on Shrooms

Gear Up!

The effects of shrooms can last up to 6 hours–maybe even longer. Have water, juice, teas, snacks, whatever you might want.

Get everything laid out!

I shit you not, people disappear looking for the fridge.

The next time you hear about them will be in a headline about a guy running through the streets butt naked.

OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but if you are new to psychedelics and don’t have someone sober around (a trip sitter), make sure you have no reason for people to wander off on their own.

Peace of mind is always a good thing.

Don’t Mix

Don’t take magic mushrooms with any other kind of mind-altering drugs or substances of any kind.

Although a lot of people say they have a good experience taking small amounts of Cannabis, it is not recommended. They are experienced with magic mushrooms and are comfortable enough to experiment.

If it is your first experience, I highly recommend that you do not try to mix shrooms with other drugs. This will increase the risk of having a bad trip from anxiety and paranoia.

Don’t Jump the Gun

Magic mushrooms are generally safe for the average person. Cases of fatal overdoses are extremely rare. This is pretty much unheard of but prudence is always a virtue.

Please practice caution as your safety is most important!

Mushrooms will not make you lose sight of reality and turn you schizophrenic. Psilocybin is also not considered as toxic and is one of the safer recreational drugs.

Nevertheless, we recommend taking magic mushrooms in moderation as too much of anything is bad for you!

Grabbing a handful and randomly eyeing it out will lead to a disaster.

Get a scale and weigh that shit out.

Get Pumped

Be happy and get pumped for your adventure. Simple.

Shrooms intensify thoughts and emotional state when you take them.

If you are not feeling great or are depressed, there is an extra chance you will have a terrible experience–in other words, a bad trip.

Do not do magic mushrooms when you are not in a good state of mind!

Get Cozy

Being in an unfamiliar environment with people you don’t know can be a recipe for disaster. This is especially true for people with more insecurities.

If you’re trying shrooms for the first time, be in a comfortable place surrounded by people you trust. You will have a much more enjoyable trip, trust.

Don’t Eat

Make sure not to eat anything two hours prior to taking shrooms so that your body absorbs it faster.

This will make sure everyone starts to feel the effects around the same time. You are also less likely to feel nauseous at the start of the trip by doing this.

Micro-Dosing Shrooms Properly

There really isn’t an approximate dosage as everyone’s body is different. In addition, some people will take a long time to absorb the Psilocybin whereas others will feel the effects within 30 minutes.

That is why in the first experience with shrooms, it is recommended to take small micro doses and slowly increase the amount you take. Some people may take more than an hour to feel the effects so allow some time to pass before you decide to take more.

Generally, it is recommend start with a quarter gram dosage. This is a very mild high that will allow you to experience shrooms with more subtle effects.

With a mild high, you will notice that your hearing may be more acute then regularly and that the colors you see are more vibrant. Some people will feel slightly nauseous and some will see fleeting hallucinations.

Once you are comfortable with your high, you may increase the dosage at your own discretion. Again, we encourage taking micro-doses when you decide to consume more.

A dosage of 1 to 1.25 grams is what people generally report to have consumed to experience the full effects of mushrooms. Your blood pressure and heart rate will increase, your eyes will dilate, and you may also feel nauseous.

Thats OK!

Welcome to the World of Magic Mushrooms!

At this point, everything will seem brighter and colors will become even more vibrant. Your thoughts and emotions will become more abstract but at the same time, more clear and transparent.

Just don’t get too lost in your thoughts as many times, people will start questioning things and then start to question themselves. This will sometimes lead self-doubt and is the main cause of people getting stuck in a “loop” when they trip out on shrooms.

This is another reason why we highly recommend having someone sober around to make sure everyone is having a good time.

That’s it!

If you got a smile on your face and you’re laughing, then you are definitely having a good trip!

A lot of people will notice everything is brighter and colors they see become more vibrant. There may also be distortions in what they see and begin to hallucinate.

Affects are different for everyone but generally, people will experience a feeling of euphoria, a sense of freedom, sounds echoing, laughing at random things or nothing at all.


Please Read

DO NOT take magic mushrooms if you are suffering from any mental illness! If you have a history of mental illnesses, mushrooms can make the conditions worse!

Asides from making your conditions worse, you will most likely, most probably, almost always have a bad trip!

I support and promote people to explore alternatives to heal themselves.

With that said, I do not wish to see people make hasty and uninformed decisions without any precautions and prior knowledge of harm reduction..

Although Psilocybin have been proven in many cases to help better mental health, many of these situations are in a controlled environment with people assisting them.

If you have a history of mental illnesses, do not take them–especially by yourself!

Magic mushrooms will intensify your thoughts and emotions, and you will most likely be trapped in the “loop” that people experience in a bad trip with shrooms.

A bad trip on shrooms usually starts with a single negative thought spiraling out of control. As I mentioned before, magic mushrooms should only be done when you are in a good state of mind.

For the best experience, it is recommended to do shrooms only when you are in a good mood and in a comfortable and safe environment which you are familiar with.

Remember the key words–“set and setting!”

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