Blue Goba Review by TSS

Blue Goba Review

Online Dispensary Reviews – Blue Goba


Criteria for Final Rating
  1. Transparency – Clearly explains their ordering/shipping process and how to contact them.
  2. Communication – How long they take to respond to emails.
  3. Website Navigation – Ease of use.
  4. Checkout Process – Ease of use.
  5. Website Security – The level of security on the website.
  6. Order Processing Time – How fast they process their orders.
  7. Packaging – Quality of packaging.
  8. Quality – Are products as described in its description and similar to its pictures.
  9. Pricing – Price compared to market with regards to its quality.
  10. Deals & Incentives – Deals and incentives available compared to competitors.

Ratings for transparency, communication, website navigation, checkout process, website security, and packaging will be worth a maximum of 2 points each.

The remaining categories will be worth up to 4 points adding up to a total of 28 points for the final rating.

Transparency – Pass 2/2

Their FAQs section is clear. How to use their website, the order and shipping process is explained as well. Pass

Communication – Pass 2/2

Sent them an email at 6:00 pm. Got a reply at noon the next day. Was not a robot. They pass.

If you don’t get a reply–DO NOT ORDER.

Website Navigation – Good 2/2

Website is easy to navigate through. Not much clutter so finding what you want is simple.

Checkout Process – Pass 2/2

Checkout process was fast. Pass.

Website Security – Pass 2/2

Website has standard SSL encryption. Pass.

Order Processing Time – Good 2/2

Ordered at 7:00 pm. Got an automated email saying they processed my order at 1:00 pm next day. Pass.

Packaging – Pass 2/2

The order came in a properly secured and discreet packaging. There were no holes in packaging. Pass.

Quality – Good 3/4

I ordered half ounce of the dried Golden Teacher and got 14.3 grams.

Products were as advertised. The potency was alright. There wasn’t anything missing. The weight was correct. There were a lot of broken mushrooms though..

Pricing – Standard 2/4

Got Half ounce of dried Golden Teacher for about $90. Shipping was a flat rate of $18 which is slightly cheaper than other dispensaries.

Pricing to quality is standard with market which is OK. It passes.

Deals/Incentives – None 1/4

Blue Goba doesn’t have any deals or incentives at the moment asides from their free shipping discount for bulk orders ($150 minimum order).

Final Thoughts

Ordering from Blue Goba was easy and fast.

There were 10 strains listed in their shop for whole dried mushrooms which is good. The only thing is, there were only 2 of them in stock. I don’t order from them enough so can’t really say how often they restock.

Quality and pricing overall is OK though. Not great but good enough.

My only real complain is that there is zero incentives for customers.

Final Rating – 3.93/5

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